SCP-939: Elusive Creatures of the Darkness

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SCP-939 are thermophilic, pack-hunting predators that exhibit organ deficiencies characteristic of troglobiotic organisms. Their transparently red skin has high moisture permeability and a chemical composition similar to hemoglobin. Standing at an average height of 2.2 meters and weighing around 250 kilograms, SCP-939 can vary significantly in weight. Each of their four limbs ends in three clawed fingers and one opposing appendage, all covered in fine hairs for climbing. With elongated head lacking eyes and even eye sockets, SCP-939 also lack cranial structures. Their jaw is equipped with red, dimly glowing fangs resembling those of Chauliodus species, reaching a length of 6 cm, surrounded by heat-sensitive pores. Eye-like organs sensitive to light run along their spiny back, reaching lengths of up to 16 cm and possibly being sensitive to changes in air pressure and airflow.

Despite lacking key organs such as a central and peripheral nervous system, circulatory system, or digestive system, SCP-939 are capable of reproducing. More details can be found in Appendix 10-16-1991.

These creatures primarily lure their prey by mimicking human speech, using the voice of a previous victim. However, instances of imitating vocalizations of other species and engaging in active nighttime hunting have also been observed. The content uttered by SCP-939 is often heavily infused with fear and despair, and whether they comprehend the meaning or simply repeat what they’ve heard before remains a subject of research. The method by which SCP-939 acquires someone’s voice remains unknown, as it has been documented using voices it has never encountered. Voice analysis cannot distinguish between the original voice and SCP-939’s imitation, hence the firm recommendation to avoid using voice recognition systems in any facility housing SCP-939. The usual means of killing the victim is a single bite to the neck or cranial area with an estimated bite force of approximately 35 MPa.

SCP-939 exhales trace amounts of aerosolized amnestic known as AMN-C227. This Class C amnestic induces temporary anterograde amnesia, disrupting memory function for the duration of contact plus approximately 30 minutes. It is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and estimated to have an ECt50 of 0.0015 mg•min/m3. In well-ventilated areas and open spaces, the risk of exposure to the ECt50 dose is significantly lower but still possible. AMN-C227 becomes undetectable in the bloodstream within 60 minutes of the last dosage. Reported feelings of disorientation and mild hallucinations associated with this compound are akin to the effects of various psychoactive substances sometimes used recreationally.

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