Exploring Plant Phenology: Waves of Photo-Thermal Responses

Plant phenology is the study of timing in plant life cycles, influenced by changes in climate and temperature. As the seasons shift, plants respond to environmental cues with waves of photo-thermal responses, dictating when they bloom, leaf out, or go dormant. This intricate dance within a single hexagon shape represents the delicate balance of nature’s […]

Modelling Phenology in European Beech Forests

Modelling phenology in European beech forests helps predict when trees will bud, bloom, and shed leaves based on temperature and sunlight patterns. These cycles follow waves of photo-thermal responses, impacting ecosystem dynamics and biodiversity. By studying these patterns, researchers can better understand how climate change affects forest ecosystems. #EuropeanBeech #ForestPhenology #ClimateChange

Taking Action for a Greener Future

Discover the power of a single poster in raising awareness about climate change and inspiring everyday actions to help our planet. With vibrant colors and captivating design, this poster reminds us of our responsibility towards ecology. The artist skillfully depicts the delicate balance between nature and human impact, urging viewers to take action. In a […]

Common Green House: A Poster Advocating for Climate Change and Ecological Awareness

In the realm of environmental consciousness, the poster titled ‘Common Green House’ gracefully exemplifies the urgency of addressing climate change and promoting ecological sustainability. Communicating a powerful message through its visually striking elements, this artwork encapsulates the dire need to help our planet thrive. The artist masterfully blends colors and textures to depict a harmonious […]

The Common Green House: Advocating for Climate Change and Our Planet

As we navigate the challenges of a changing climate, it has become increasingly important to address the issue of ecology and help our planet. The poster ‘Common Green House’ beautifully encapsulates our collective responsibility towards combating climate change. The intricate artwork portrays a lush green landscape with diverse flora and fauna, symbolizing the rich biodiversity […]


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