Challenging Views of Lust and Divinity in Art

The art piece challenges the concept of purity and sin, juxtaposing the imagery of a child dancing on their mother’s body. It questions the traditional view of lust as a negative force and instead suggests a more complex relationship between desire and divinity. The vivid imagery sparks a discussion on innocence, corruption, and the blurred […]

Iranian Poets at Dinner Table

A frame of Iranian poets gathered around a dinner table, discussing their passion for words and imagery. Each poet brings their own unique style and perspective to the conversation, creating a rich tapestry of literary influence and inspiration. From classical forms to modern experimentation, these poets showcase the depth and beauty of Iranian poetry. #IranianPoets […]

Venom Dunking on Spider-Man

Venom, the fearsome foe of Spider-Man, was caught on camera performing a flashy dunk over the web-slinger, much to the surprise of onlookers. The iconic moment quickly went viral, with fans debating whether Venom’s dunk was a sign of superior athletic ability or just a lucky shot. Regardless, the clip has sparked discussions about who […]

The Unconventional Tesla: Combining Art and Engineering

Combining the sleek design of a Tesla car with the power of an internal combustion engine results in a unique piece of automotive art. This unconventional creation merges the elegance of electric vehicles with the roar of a traditional engine. The result is a visually captivating vehicle that challenges conventional norms and pushes the boundaries […]

DBI Gala: Promoting Internet Safety Through an Engaging Event

The DBI Gala is an exciting event that takes place in a gymnasium. With around 200 attendees, including children, teenagers, and adults, the gala aims to promote safe internet usage. Led by a male and female duo, the event educates participants about the importance of staying safe online. Through engaging activities and discussions, the gala […]

Teaching Religion to Children in the 21st Century

Introducing religion to children in a modern world can be a delicate task. It is crucial to create an environment that is open, inclusive, and respectful of diverse beliefs. By using age-appropriate language and interactive methods, educators can engage children in meaningful discussions about spirituality. Including stories, art, and music as teaching tools can also […]

Ideal Religion Education in School

Religion education plays a crucial role in fostering understanding and promoting tolerance among students. It is important for schools to create an ideal environment for religious education, ensuring inclusivity and respect for diverse beliefs. The goal should be to provide students with comprehensive knowledge about various religions while encouraging critical thinking and open-mindedness. Religion classes […]

Exploring the Power Dynamics: The Intricacies of Non-Traditional Art

Art has long been a medium for exploring and challenging societal norms and power dynamics. In a thought-provoking new piece, a women artist delves into the complexities of female empowerment and dominance. The artwork portrays a women confidently placing her soles onto a man’s face, symbolizing the strength and assertiveness of women breaking free from […]

Exploring the Art of Dicks

In the world of art, dicks have been a subject of fascination for centuries. From ancient sculptures to modern paintings, artists have explored the form and symbolism of dicks in various ways. The shape and curves of dicks often serve as a source of inspiration, capturing the essence of beauty and sensuality. Artists use different […]

Exploring the Fascinating Art of a Queen Spitting on her Feet

In the world of art, there are often unconventional and thought-provoking pieces that challenge our understanding. One such piece that captures attention is the artwork depicting a queen spitting on her feet. Upon first glance, it may seem bizarre or even offensive, but art has a way of evoking emotions and sparking conversations. The depiction […]


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