Escura-cassoles: A Humorous Cartoon Logo

In the whimsical world of Escura-cassoles, a lively scene unfolds. A cartoon-like logo features a man dressed as a brass band musician, filling the air with merriment. With one hand holding a pot and the other clutching a piece of bread, he bends over, tongue eagerly licking the inside of the pot. In a quirky […]

The Playful and Melodic World of Escura-cassoles

Take a musical journey with Escura-cassoles, a whimsical cartoon-like logo featuring a man dressed as a brass band musician. The vibrant artwork portrays the man licking a pot, with wind instruments scattered on the floor nearby. This amusing logo perfectly captures the essence of Escura-cassoles, bringing together the joy of music and culinary delights. The […]


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