Iranian Poets at Dinner Table

A frame of Iranian poets gathered around a dinner table, discussing their passion for words and imagery. Each poet brings their own unique style and perspective to the conversation, creating a rich tapestry of literary influence and inspiration. From classical forms to modern experimentation, these poets showcase the depth and beauty of Iranian poetry. #IranianPoets […]

Jesús sonriendo desde el cielo

Jesus con un poco de sangre en la cruz mirando desde el cielo y sonriendo hacia abajo. En la tierra, la gente se reúne para presenciar el sacrificio que trae redención. #Jesus #sacrificio #redención #fe

Captivating Veiled Iranian Beauty

A veiled girl in a cream and white dress, waiting for her future husband, lost in the horizon. Her skin is white, her eyes captivating, and she must have the face of an Iranian lady, aged 20.

Exploring the Vibrant Art Scene in Tehran

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, boasts a diverse and captivating art scene that is worth exploring. From traditional Persian calligraphy to contemporary paintings and sculptures, the city offers a wealth of artistic expressions. The artistic landscape in Tehran is characterized by its rich cultural heritage and the influence of modern trends. Artists in Tehran […]

The Legendary Sword: A Tale of Iranian and Samurai Art

Long ago, in a time when dynasties ruled and tales of valor echoed through the air, there existed a splendid sword. This sword belonged to an Iranian prince, known for his fierce strength and unparalleled skills. It was said that this prince had the power to shatter even the mightiest of swords, including the revered […]

The Mighty Iranian Princess: A Tale of Triumph and Honor

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a fierce and courageous princess from Iran. She possessed unmatched beauty and intelligence, but her true strength lay in her mastery of the sword. One day, fate brought her face to face with a samurai warrior from Japan, known for his unbeatable sword skills. […]

Exploring the Intersection of Iran, Technology, Cloud, and VPN

In the world of art, there is often a strong connection to the broader themes shaping our society. One such theme that has gained prominence in recent years is the intersection between Iran, technology, cloud, and VPN. Artists have found inspiration in the complex relationship between state censorship and online freedom. Through their work, they […]


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