Frogcore Americana Lithographic Artwork: Player with Drum

Explore the vibrant world of maximalist Americana iconography with a twist of Black Arts Movement. This lithographic artwork features a player with a drum, mixing patterns and textures in the style of Kodak Gold 200. Dive deep into the world of Frogcore and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of this unique art movement. #maximalist […]

Goblin Academia: Exploring Indian Pop Culture through Maximalist and Gothcore Aesthetics

In the world of Goblin Academia, an intriguing blend of Indian pop culture and gothcore aesthetics takes center stage. With the finest attention to detail, the 32K UHD artwork brings to life a red, scary-looking apple like never before. This maximalist interpretation showcases intricate costumes and a unique smilecore element, capturing the essence of both […]


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