Honoring the Old Sage: A Rocky Mountains Procession

The Old Sage was a revered figure in the village, known for his wisdom and guidance. When he passed away, the villagers came together to carry his body on a stretcher through the Rocky Mountains. The group wore a mix of Viking and Samurai style outfits, with vibrant purple and rotten yellow colors. As they […]

Carrying the Old Sage: Viking & Samora Style in Rocky Mountains

In the rocky mountains, a group of people is seen carrying the body of the Old Sage on a stretcher. Their outfits are a unique combination of Viking and Samora styles, with rich purple and rotten yellow colors. They tread carefully along the trail, honoring the wise man. #OldSage #RockyMountains #VikingStyle #SamoraStyle #PurpleYellow #HonoringTheWise


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